Photo Above: Me on Lillies Fantasy Way showing Dressage

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Who I am

I grew up in Germany in a rural town called Minden in Nordrhein Westfalen.

Horses have always been my big love. My dad just recently told me about a memory that reflects my love for horses. He told me that I must have been around four years old. A neighbor had cut some longer grass. Some of it blew into the street and dried in the sun. I saw it, picked it up and exclaimed: “I have hay, now I can get a horse!

I drew, painted and photographed horses wherever I could to be closer to them. Later to preserve my memories with these beautiful creatures. I owned several horses over time. Though I don’t own one at the moment, I do enjoy riding and being around horses.


A Book

I even wrote a book about them. You can find it here:


My Education

My degree from the Leibniz University of Hanover in Germany is a masters in architecture. I currently also work as an Engineering Supervisor for a furniture manufacturer.


My Family

I am in love with my husband of almost 15 years, Jerry. We adopted two lovely dogs from the local humane society. A Great Pyrenees, Ice and a black Lab mix, Raven.

Horse and dog rescue organizations are dear to my heart. That’s why I decided to donate 10% of my profits to these organizations.



I am a member of the PPA, Professional Photographers of America, and the PSA, Photographic Society of America:


What I do

I am a full service photography print artist. This means that my finished product is printed. I will hang your printed photo art for you, if you choose to have wall art printed.

Though my primary focus is equine photography, I also do other photo sessions, such as pet photography, seniors or portraits.

In equine photography I focus on different aspects of it with your equine partner:


Lifestyle Sessions:

These are designed to capture day to day interaction with your horse, such as grooming, riding or grazing your horse.

Portrait Sessions:

If you want mainly portraits of you and your horse, then this session is for you.

Remember Sessions:

These sessions are for aging horses or those equines who are terminally ill. It is designed to capture and preserve the memory of your relationship with your horse.

Event Sessions:

I will follow you to your show and capture your ride for you. This includes photos of you and your horse before the show getting ready as well as during and after the show. It is designed to tell the story of you and your horse during an event.

Commercial Sessions:

If you are a business and need professional photographs, then this session is for you.



I offer acrylic paintings and pencil drawings of your photograph.

If you wish you can combine a photo session with getting a painting or drawing of your favorite photograph.


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