Hi, Welcome to my blog!

I am Anika McFarland. Here is a little about me.

I grew up in Germany in a small town called Minden in Nordrhein Westfalen. That is in northern Germany. The coast is about two hours away from there.

Why Photography

My interest for photography began early on. It always has been a family tradition and my family still owns photos from the early days of photography. Thus it is no surprise that I took to photography. My sister is an avid hobby photographer and so is my dad. I remember days where we developed photos at home when me and my sister where still kids. My dad had built an exposure unit and because the door into the room had glass in it we used a large blanket and hung it over it, so no light would come in. My sister and I would do photo sessions and take pictures of each other, then develop and enlarge them at home. This was a really fun time and memories that I cherish.

About My Photos

Horses are one of my subjects for my photography. I love these animals and over time owned four of them myself. The last of the four, Lilly, was a horse I started myself and showed successfully in Dressage and Jumping competitions. I still ride and enjoy being around horses, but don’t own one at this time. My dad just recently told me a story that reflects my love for horses. He told me that I must have been around four years old, when a neighbor just had cut some longer grass. Some of it was blown into the street and dried in the sun. I saw it, picked it up and exclaimed: “I have hay, now I can get a horse!”.

Dogs are also a favorite subject for my photos. I own two of them. One is a Lab-mix, ‘Raven’ and the other one a Great Pyrenees, ‘Ice’. We got them both from our local humane society. They are my family and my husband and I love them dearly.

About this Website

On this website and blog I want to share with you my photographic journey. I am blogging about the technical and creative aspects of it as well as about my personal story.

I am blogging once a week on Tuesdays.