Photo Above: Me on Lillies Fantasy Way showing Dressage

This Site

This site is one of two of MoonSparks LLC official sites. I am the owner of MoonSparks LLC. This site focuses on Art and Photography. The other site of MoonSparks LLC is www.creativesparksfly.com and focuses on Crafts and Inspiration. If you purchase through this site you purchase from MoonSparks LLC.

Who I am

I grew up in Germany in a rural town called Minden in Nordrhein Westfalen.

Horses have always been my big love. My dad just recently told me about a memory that reflects my love for horses. He told me that I must have been around four years old. A neighbor had cut some longer grass. Some of it blew into the street and dried in the sun. I saw it, picked it up and exclaimed: “I have hay, now I can get a horse!

I drew, painted and photographed horses wherever I could to be closer to them. Later to preserve my memories with these beautiful creatures. I owned several horses over time. Though I don’t own one at the moment, I still do enjoy horseback riding and being around horses.

My Family

I am in love with my husband of over 16 years, Jerry. We adopted four lovely dogs from the local humane society. A Flat Coated Retriever, Bear (who crossed the rainbow bridge), a Great Pyrenees, Ice, a black Lab mix, Raven and a Chow mix, Luci.

Why I blog

This blog is evolving as I do. I blog to share my love for photography, art, painting and being creative. There is hardly a day in my life when I am not creative in one way or another.


I do offer photography as service. Since I am working full time as architectural associate, sessions are available nights and weekends. I have a portable photo studio set up and will travel locally to meet you. I also do equine and pet photography in addition to traditional sessions. Please contact me at sales@anikamcfarland.com. My photography was recognized as finalist in an internationally juried photography and art competition through Camelback Gallery.


I offer my art for sale at this website. I currently sell only in the USA. If you don’t see artwork you saw on my blog in my shop and would like to purchase it, please contact me at sales@anikamcfarland.com. My artwork is for sale, though I won’t have all of it listed immediately. Some of my artwork was for sale starting in November 2019 at the Connect Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska until the owners retired. A few of my art pieces are for sale as prints through saatchi art online https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/1340359. My art was recognized as finalist in an internationally juried art competition through Fusion Art Gallery.


You can also contact me through my Facebook page, if you have questions on my art and photography or want to book a photo session: