6 Reasons Why Coloring Is Good For You

Who has not ever colored a coloring book? This wonderful childhood activity has become increasingly popular for adults in the recent years. Do you know why this is so good for you?

Coloring book pages such as this can be serious fun.


Coloring helps you to unwind and focus on a specific task. It promotes wellness and quietness.

My first adult coloring book was brought to me by a friend when I was in the hospital last year with Leukemia. My friends knew that I loved to do art and thus everybody seemed to have the same idea and gave me these wonderful art books. I loved it. This gave me plenty of pages to color and something to do during the five weeks of hospital stay.

What are exactly the benefits of this creative activity?

1. De-stress

Coloring a book helps you focus on one thing and thus helps you de-stress. It’s a fun way to be creative.

2. Brain activity

It activates the analytical part of the brain as well as the creative part. So your brain gets a great workout doing this activity.

3. Childhood memories

Almost all of us where coloring books when we where children. Doing this as an adult can transport us back in time to good childhood memories.

4. Meditation

Being creative with an art book can have the same effect as meditation, in the respect that it helps to get your mind off your day to day work and helps you focus on one thing.

5. Reduces Anxiety

Due to the repetitive nature and focus it can help to reduce anxiety.

6. Creativity

And last but not least coloring sparks creativity and personal expression.


Overall coloring is good for you and promotes fun and well-being. Here are the 6 reasons why coloring is good for you once more:

  1. Helps De-stress
  2. Promotes brain activity
  3. Childhood memories
  4. Meditative
  5. Reduces Anxiety
  6. Promotes Creativity


Today I have a bonus for you: It’s 7 coloring book pages as PDF that you can download for free.

Comment below with your colored pages and have fun!

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