I wanted to create some nice new Easter eggs. I had done Psanky before, but I was out of supplies. Those are Ukrainian Easter eggs that are quite intricate. They work with a wax resist technique.  I still have my tools for creating them. Though I only had a little wax left. I tried..and failed trying it with the little dye tablets from the store. Those just don’t work for what I was going to do. Thus I looked for a different way to decorate the eggs.

I haven’t done any Psanky in years and didn’t want to buy the supplies, then wait for them to be shipped. I am an instant gratification kinda gal sometimes.

I looked at what supplies I had in the house and came across a bag full of colorful feathers.

So I did what you see here: I simply used decoupage glue and glued the feathers to the blown-out eggs. Then added sparkle with some jewels.

It’s simple and fast and I like the results. It took me only about half an hour from start to finish.

What are your Easter egg tries, fails and successes?

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