Finding Inspiration for Art and Photography

Finding inspiration for art and photography is not always as easy as it seems. There has been times, where I sat in front of an empty canvas, and nothing pertinent would come for inspiration. I bet you had that feeling too, if you are making art. And that feeling is normal. I wanted to share my ways to combat this and get your creative juices flowing again.

What do you love?

Paint or draw what you love. Is it your dog, or other animal? Great! Paint or photograph your dog or animal. Is it maybe going for a bicycle ride? Splendid! Draw or take a picture with a bicycle.

You see, if you think about all the things you love, even as simple as food, you can be creative with it. If it’s food for instance, draw or paint a still life with ingredients. It’s that simple.

Other people’s art.

I love to look at other’s art and getting inspiration from artists around the world. You could go to art galleries and support your local artists by looking and getting inspiration at the same time. Or you can go on sites that sell art like  and browse hundreds of artists by style.

I went last weekend to a gallery in our city and found that spark again to take photographs and paint. This one was in Omaha, Nebraska.

That doesn’t mean I want to copy other artists, but get inspired by different styles and endless possibilities of trying something new.


If you love nature and are lucky enough to live where you can enjoy it, you can get inspiration from there.

Here are more tips for getting inspiration from nature:

Don’t worry about the finished piece.

Some of the ways to get inspired again, is to allow yourself to play again. Not every piece that you produce has to be the next masterpiece in a museum or at an auction. It’s great to have aspirations, but when it’s keeping you from producing art at all, it’s counterproductive.

Grab your supplies or camera and try something new.

Learn a new style.

Another way of getting your creative muse to show back up is taking an art or photography class in a different technique than what you are used to. That can be local, or online. There are places like, where you can do online courses. There are others as well, such as It just depends on which way you like best, online or in person. And if you take a class you have also opportunities to network.

Enter a competition.

Competitions can be a great way to get inspired again as well. Usually they have a topic that you create your art or photos about. That can be a wonderful way to make another piece of art or photograph. And who knows? Maybe you’ll just win something.


There are many ways to get creative. Just pick one and get going. Keep your art supplies close, your camera ready and create!


Disclaimer: I do not get paid by any of the companies I posted links of in this post. There are merely companies I have used in the past myself.


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