Fluffy Pom Pom Bunny

A quick and easy Easter craft is the Fluffy Pom Pom Bunny. It takes very little supplies and time to make. And look how cute it is!

Here is how to make it:

Supplies Needed

  • Yarn
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Jewels
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Wire Brush
  • Marker

Craft Steps

1. Draw two large circles for the bunny’s body and two small circles for the bunny’s head on your cardboard.

2. Cut out the circles and cut out the center of them, so you get a doughnut looking card board piece. Then cut a slot in the side of each circle.

3. Put the two large circles together and wrap the yarn around them until you got several layers. The more you wrap, the fluffier the bunny. Hold the yarn in the center and cut between the rings. Then wrap a piece of yarn around the center and tie a tight knot. Leave a bit of the yarn when you cut it off. Do the same with the smaller set of rings.

4. Take your wire brush and carefully brush the pom pom’s. This will give the bunny an extra fluffy appearance.

5. Cut bunny ears, a tail, the eyes and the nose out of the felt and decorate with your marker. Then assemble the bunny by tying the two pom pom’s together. Glue the ears, eyes, nose and tail on your bunny and decorate with jewels.


You can also use different glue than hot glue, since it is a bit tricky to get the eyes, nose, ears and tail glued on. With the hot glue, take care not to burn yourself. Push the eyes and nose in some when you are gluing it on to get a more realistic bunny.

It’s your turn

Show me your best fluffy pom pom bunny! How did it turn out? What challenges were you facing in making your bunny?


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