6 Ways To Get Inspired By Nature

Inspiration can come from many different sources. Today I am exploring how to use Nature for creative ideas for your art and photos.

It’s just natural.

Naturally we do get stuck when we need to create and inspiration fails us. You can stop and look around you to get re-inspired. Why not take a walk in Nature and use some of the following ideas to get your creative juices flowing again?


1. Look Closer.

Instead of a larger view go and take a closer look at what is around you. Where you see a tree, maybe you can get inspired by the leaves and it’s patterns and color variations.

2. Find Variety.

When you are trying to look at one specific category, like the leaf of a tree, why not look at all the different shapes, sizes and colors they come in?

3. Think about other things than just plants.

In Nature things are not just of the vegetation and the plants, but rocks and rock formations, animal traits, like fur patterns or things like spider webs. All those can help you get inspired to create things that have these patterns or shapes in it.

4. Use different colors.

Not everything is just green in Nature. And even if it is, why not change it up and give it a different color?

5. Focus on only one aspect.

Instead of focusing on all aspects of the natural object how about focusing on just one? So instead of texture, shape and color just focus on one of them.

6. Figure out the mood you want to create.

Think about the mood you want to create with your artwork or photo. Is it tranquility? Maybe go with a landscape in the morning mist. Fury? How about thunderstorm clouds and lightning?

You can create moods by just the way you display things in this aspect.


There are many more ways to find inspiration for your creations in Nature and the above are only some of them. But if you go with an open mind and open eyes through Nature, you are sure to find something that sparks your creativity.

Here are the 6 ways again:

  • Look closer.
  • Find Variety.
  • Think about other things than just plants.
  • Use different colors.
  • Focus on only one aspect.
  • Figure out the mood you want to create.

Go ahead and share what your ideas are to get your creative juices flowing again.

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