8 Ways to Get and Stay Organized

As a creative person with multiple interests organization is key to successfully juggling tasks.  I looked into several tools to help creative people do this.

Chaos and What Emerged from It

My room had been in an utter state of chaos since a long time. I could not find anything and was spending more time searching than doing anything. Last week I finally decided enough is enough. I don’t have the time to spend on searching things. Or the money to buy things twice, because I think I lost whatever I needed to complete the project, just to find it later. If this sounds familiar to you read on. I looked into several organizational tools, both electronically and physically. This helped me finally get my room in order. On top of it I found some good apps and programs to help with planning and computer work.

1. To Do Lists

There is a good app that is called TeuxDeux. It’s a to do list for desktop and mobile and easy to use.  It’s free for the first 30 days. After that there are two plans paid yearly: one is $2 a month the other one $3. You can find it here: https://teuxdeux.com/

Or go old school with a planner. But don’t just look at it. Use it.

2. Minimize Distractions

If you have issues on the computer with hanging out on social sites too much and getting distracted instead of getting things done, there is an app called Rescue Time. This app analyzes your time spent on certain websites, blocks distracting sites and logs accomplishments. You set when you want it to measure those things and the sites to alert your time spent on the sites. The lite version is free, the premium version is $9 per month. https://www.rescuetime.com/

3. Email Organization

Create folders and use them. Most email services provide you with this option. Mark spam and track your time answering emails. Sort by importance and answer those emails first.

4. Calendars

You can use physical ones or virtual ones. For virtual ones I like google calendar. It helps me keep up on my appointments and I can schedule time for important things. It’s free if you sign up for a google account.

5. Folders and Binders

Sort your paperwork in folders and binders. If you are visual like me, color coding might help you find things later on. For virtual ‘paperwork’ I use google docs. Again this is free if you sign up for a google account. There are spreadsheets and documents that you can use and sort into folders.

6. Notebooks

I have several physical notebooks. I like to keep a small one in my purse and have larger ones one my desk. That way I always have it on hand when I need it. I am a little old fashioned that way and do not use apps for notes, though there are good ones out there like evernote. https://evernote.com/

7. Bookshelves and Bins

For physical organization I just needed to get some good bookshelves and bins. I have some plastic bins and some fabric cube ones. This helped me get my room organized and was a simple solution.

8. De-clutter

I had too much stuff. Some things I tried and did not like, but kept the supplies anyway. Some things where old and worn and needed to be replaced or just simply thrown out. I like to donate books that I don’t want to read again. That way others can get use out of it and I have a little more space. You don’t need to do it every month, but several times a year does make sense.


There are several ways to get organized. The first step is to realize that it doesn’t cost much time and effort once you are set up. And the time that you do need to get the initial work done is saved several times over by doing it.

Here are the ways to get organized again:

  1.  Use to do lists.
  2. Minimize distractions.
  3. Organize your emails.
  4. Use calendars.
  5. Use folders and binders.
  6. Keep notes in notebooks.
  7. Organize with bookshelves and bins.
  8. De-clutter.

Comment below with ways that you found to help you get and stay organized.


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