Asking for help does not come easy to me.

I like to be independent and do things myself. I am not good with relying on other’s help.


But if you are 5 weeks in the hospital for Leukemia like I was in 2016 you have to learn to ask for help. Constantly.

That was hard for me to learn.

But it also taught me good things: There are a lot of really good and kind people in this world. A lot of whom want to help. You just have to ask.

They don’t know you need help until you do ask.

I was really impressed with the outpouring of help I received back then.

Asking for help

So yesterday I had to ask again. As I am asking you now.

I need help again. Like so many people in my situation I am short on money due to medical expenses. I am still going through treatment and it takes a toll.

Yes, I do have insurance and I work full time. I had family also help with expenses. All of which I am really grateful.

Unfortunately the bills won’t stop for at least this year. I am going to be on my chemo pill again by the end of next week. And yes. There are expenses for this as well.

And I can’t just say, I won’t spend the money for this. I need to. Cause I want to live.

I sold Lilly, my lovely horse at the beginning of last year, to have one less expense. It helped, but it’s not enough to cover everything continuously.

It doesn’t affect only me. It does affect my husband as well.

So I set up a GoFundMe yesterday.

Please consider a donation. I am and always be grateful for any help.

Thanks. Sincerely.


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