Improve your Phone Photography in 8 Simple Steps

Let’s face it. Not everyone has a digital SLR camera and if they are like me if they have one, they don’t have it with them 24/7.

But I do have a phone with a camera. And I have that with me all the time. I love to use it to capture pictures of my puppy Raven. Though I do break out my DSLR from time to time, I have my phone always there and get really cute, spontaneous pictures that way.

Phone cameras are great for capturing every day life. They are not so good with specialized photography. That’s where DSLR cameras have their place. But there are ways to improve your photography with a phone camera nevertheless.

1. Keep the composition simple.

I know I have said it before, but it really is a great and easy way to improve your photos. Keep them simple. If you’re new to photography you most likely try to over-complicate your shots. Pick one subject and stick to it.

2. Change the angle.

I know it sounds funny, but just changing the angle that you’re photographing things with can give a new perspective to everyday situations. Try a high or low angle.

3. Show depth.

You can show depth in your photos through leading lines like pathways or walkways. Or use something interesting in the foreground to frame your subject.

4. Get closer.

If you’re struggling to find things to photograph, try to get closer to everyday things and shoot close-ups or details.

5. Photograph reflections.

Try taking pictures of reflections, in puddles, lakes or windows.

6. Use both hands.

When using your phone for taking photos use both hands. Hold it with your non dominant hand and release the shutter with your dominant one. Do that gently. You will get less blur in your pictures due to shaking.

7. Don’t use the digital zoom.

Don’t use the digital zoom, because it will make every movement of your phone so much more prominent, that you get blurry pictures a lot more often that way.

8. Look for scale.

Look for people or things that will give your photos a sense of scale.


These are simple ways to improve your phone photography. I would love to see some of your photos taken with your phone! Comment below.



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