Photo Challenge Picture Week 3 – Dessert

Here is my photo challenge picture number 3 for the 52 week photo challenge with the subject “Dessert”.

A Celebration.

My husband just celebrated his birthday and wanted an ice cream cake. So I went out and bought him this one. And took the great opportunity to take photos of it. Certainly we ate a slice right after I got done taking photos, since my husband waited patiently for me.

The Challenge.

The challenge that I faced was that it was close to dinner time and the natural light was getting low. To help with the light I opened all the blinds and curtains and let in as much light as I could. Then I adjusted the white balance to combat the tint of the evening light. Sometimes you might want that golden light, but here it would have been too yellow. I use Kelvin in my camera to adjust the white balance, but yours might have different settings.

More Information.

You can read more about white balance in photography here:

If you want to know more about what the photo challenge is about read about it here:

And if you want to participate and want some extra support you can join my Facebook group here: Anika’s 52 week photo challenge

Now it’s your turn: Comment below with your approach to week 3 “Dessert”. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!


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