Photo Challenge Week 9 Bokeh

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This weeks photo challenge for week 9 is bokeh.

What is bokeh exactly? It’s that shallow depth of field, where the background is blurry. This is usually done to get the foreground image stand out. Often you see it with big, blurry light spots in the background.

How to Achieve Bokeh

This is achieved through the aperture setting. The lower the setting the shallower the depth of field. That doesn’t mean to use the lowest aperture setting available. You will still need to get the object in focus that you want to have stand out. And that is the point of the bokeh.

The Challenge

Often you get really that beautiful blurry background with small lights in the background. I did not have any lights available that fit the description, so I chose twigs with silver beads, that the light would reflect off. I took several different photos with different angles to find the best one.

My Aperture Setting

I chose to use an f-stop or aperture setting of 3.5 though I could have gone as low as 1.8 with the 50 mm lens I used.

Photo Challenge

I created the 52 week photo challenge at the beginning of the year. Each week there is a different topic and a different photo to be taken for practice. You can read more about the photo challenge here:

Facebook Group

For all of you who want to join in the fun and need some guidance and/or want to share your pictures, I set up a Facebook group:

Phone Photography

I made a blog post about how to take better pictures just with your phone. Go check it out right here:

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. Show me your pictures. It doesn’t matter where in the challenge you are: Week one, or week ten. Just post some pictures or join the Facebook group.


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