Photo Challenge Week Seven ‘Under’

Sorry for the long absence from blogging. I have been editing this website and hope you like the changes. The blog is now in a different place, and you can always access it through the Menu.


Here is my photo for week seven of the photo challenge for week seven with the subject ‘Under’.
For this challenge I chose two dyed eggs. I dyed both years ago and the small bottom one is a chicken egg for size comparison. I placed it under the large egg for this challenge picture. The large dyed egg has a moon, the sun and a star on it. I chose the moon side.

These dyed eggs such as the one on the bottom are also called psanka, which means to write or scribe. These eggs are Ukrainian Easter eggs. I learned how to do them from a friend, who is very talented in doing them. She taught me this years ago and I haven’t dyed one in years also, but still keep the ones I have done and the tools to do them.

Photo Challenge.

I created the 52 week photo challenge at the beginning of the year. Each week there is a different topic and a different photo to be taken for practice. You can read more about the photo challenge here:

Facebook group.

For all of you who want to join in the fun and need some guidance and/or want to share your pictures, I set up a Facebook group:

Phone photography.

I made a blog post about how to take better pictures just with your phone. Go check it out right here:

Your turn.

Now it’s your turn. Show me your pictures. It doesn’t matter where in the challenge you are: Week one, or week six. Just post some pictures or join the Facebook group.

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