5 Action Steps to Overcome Procrastination Fast


Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? I know I do. I like to avoid the uncomfortable emotions that come along when I think about something that needs to get done, or something that I even want to gedt done. Which leads to the question: What exactly is procrastination? The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes it as: “to put off intentionally and habitually” and “to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done”. Isn’t it interesting how the word “intentionally” plays into it?

The clock is ticking.













Last Week.

Last week I found myself torn between learning for a motorcycle class and blogging. I chose the motorcycle class. And I could have avoided the question if I would have started blogging in the week prior to it. I started procrastinating. I did not take any steps to get going and had excuses over excuses not to do it. Though I love blogging. So what was the reason for me to not blog? I was in my discomfort zone. I am not perfect at blogging, so I thought that I did not have the time to get it done. Instead I was looking at motorcycle gear, parts etc. So clearly I was procrastinating. I did it intentionally. But if you are a little like me, then you realize only later that you had negative emotions like fear, uncertainty and doubt, that kept you from doing it. So how do you go from not doing things, that you clearly want to do and sometimes need to do to doing it?

Step 1:

Have a clear vision. Ask yourself what it is that you want to accomplish? What is your vision? What is the next big thing that you want to get done? And I am talking about the big dreams that stir your emotions and make you excited for what’s to come. Those have the power to move you beyond your comfort zone.

Step 2:

Write down a scene in your future of what you want your life to look like. Be as descriptive as possible. How do you feel, what do you see? Involve all your senses. This will help move you one step closer to overcoming procrastination.

Step 3:

Time never seems to be on your side. So realize this: There is not enough time to get it all done. You will have to prioritize. Choose the things that are significant over the things that are not. And only do the insignificant things the minimum time. This way you can maximize your time for the significant things.

Step 4:

Schedule your time. Now that you know what it is that you need to prioritize you need to schedule time for you to do it. Break your task down into small steps until they become manageable and seem easy.

Step 5:

Action cures fear! Procrastination has a lot to do with fear. And the best and final step to overcome it is to take action. Now that you have broken your task down into small steps it becomes easier to do them. So the last thing is to start. Sort your list from the easiest to the most difficult and work your way up to it.


  1. Have a clear vision
  2. Write down your vision.
  3. Prioritize.
  4. Schedule your time.
  5. Take action in small steps.

And there you have it. This way it’s a lot easier to overcome procrastination. Comment below with your reasons that you had to procrastinate. What are your reasons not to do it?





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