Here is my photo challenge picture number two – snow-cold. A red Valentines heart in the snow. To melt your heart.

The Details

It had just snowed when I took this photo. The day was right after the snowstorm last week. Valentines Day is close and I wanted to show something that is in relation to that. That’s why I chose to make a red heart in the snow. Some red food coloring mixed into some water is how I created the red heart. With one dog and a puppy in the house it was hard to find pristine snow, so I chose the table outside. Sometimes even that one has paw prints on it. It’s pretty low to the ground and the dogs love to eat snow off it.


I have to admit, I took it fairly quickly and forgot to adjust my white balance. The photo originally turned out really blue due to that. I fixed it in my photo editing software. It taught me to check my settings, before I venture out into the cold. If you want to know more about this setting, read more about white balance here:


I wanted to keep with this weeks topic: Simplicity in photo composition. You can read more about it in this Tuesday’s blog post.

Photo Challenge

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Your Photos

Now it is your turn: What did you come up with for the second week of this photo challenge with the subject: Snow-Cold? Show me in the comments below. What were your challenges? How about your wins? What did you need help with?


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