Photo Challenge 10 – Self

This weeks photo challenge 10 is on the topic “self”.


For me that’s rather tough. I am more critical of photos of myself than others. I don’t know how you are, but that’s how I am. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a lot of photos, instead of just one.

Try different angles and settings.


Try different props, like scarfs and hats. I hardly ever wear hats. But I tried several different ones with caps, hats and scarfs and without any of that. Chances are that you’ll find one that you really like.


Make sure you have good lighting. Sit besides a window for instance. Choose one that’s not in the sun, but rather a north facing one, than a south facing one. The direct sunlight can be really harsh. Which means that you have really deep shadows. And most likely you will be squinting, and that does not look good at all.

Post Editing

If you have Lightroom or Photoshop, go ahead and try some edits. Maybe you’ll find one that is really good and it’s good practice. I did some edits in Lightroom for this photo. I tried black and white also, but didn’t like it as much as the one you see above.

Photo Challenge

I created the 52 week photo challenge at the beginning of the year. Each week there is a different topic and a different photo to be taken for practice. You can read more about the photo challenge here:

Facebook Group

For all of you who want to join in the fun and need some guidance and/or want to share your pictures, I set up a Facebook group:

Phone Photography

I made a blog post about how to take better pictures just with your phone. Go check it out right here:

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. Show me your pictures. It doesn’t matter where in the challenge you are: Week one, or week ten. Just post some pictures or join the Facebook group.



Black and White vs Color Photography

With the modern digital cameras and color photography the question remains when and if to choose black and white for your photographs.

Until the 1930 photos where solely taken in black and white. Today color photography is contemporary. With the arrival of digital cameras color can easily be manipulated and the same picture that was taken as a color photograph can be processed into a black and white photo.

When to choose color photos over black and white.

Color catches the eye. It creates mood in the picture and sets the time. You can easily see if the photo was taken in spring or fall, morning or evening just by the color of the photo.

  • Choose color if it’s the key element of the photo. If a picture lives off the rich color of fall leaves for instance, go with color.
  • Go with color if you have colors that are contrasting, but that don’t translate well into black and white.
  • Color photos are great when the color helps the subject stand out.

When to choose black and white over color photos.

By removing color the emotional context associated with it also goes away. Black and white brings forms and shapes into focus.

  • Choose black and white if you want the photo to appear timeless.
  • Black and white simplifies the composition. Choose it when the composition is strong in the photograph.
  • Go with black and white if the picture has a wide range of tonal values and definite blacks and whites.
  • Do it when texture, light or shape matter more than the color in the photo.

The takeaway.

Ultimately it is up to you when to choose black and white or color. It largely depends on the subject matter and the feel that you are going for in the picture.

Experiment with it and keep in mind that some colors don’t translate well into black and white photos. With some practice you will soon find out which subject matters will look better in one or the other.