Take time for what you love

Today I’m not just posting a painting or do another blog posts. Today I want to talk about taking time for what you love.

Time for yourself

Time is very limited, whether you are aware of it or not. We need to take care of ourselves and that also means taking time for what you love.

That is oftentimes not as easy done. We are all busy. Work, pets and/or kids play a part as well as your significant other.

Time with others

That makes it even more important to take some time for yourself. Whether it is painting like I love to do or combining your to do with your want and playing with your pets or kids or doing a date night.

I think the important part is to be fully present. Be there for the date for instance and not with your mind at work or at the next chore or endless to do list.

Put the phone aside. Close the laptop and just enjoy.

Date with yourself

See the time that you do what you love as a date with yourself. If you set a time and a date you will be less likely to not do this. Be sure to let others know about it. So you can take the time.

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