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Let’s talk about white balance in photography.  What is that exactly?

A Definition

Have you noticed a colored tint in your photos from time to time? Such as too much blue or yellow? White balance is adjusted in the camera to get the colors show up correctly in photos without that.

Color Temperature

Each source of light has a certain temperature which is measured in Kelvin. Very warm light of a candle has a color temperature of about 1,500k and the very cool light of a blue sky has one of 10,000k. That is precisely the reason why you get those colored tints in your photos.


You can adjust that in the camera however. Most cameras have settings that you can choose to combat the different tints that you can get through the color temperature of the light.

Camera Settings

A lot of cameras have the following settings. Consult your manual if you have questions about which settings your particular camera does have:

  • Auto  – 3500-8000k
  • Incandescent – 3000k
  • Fluorescent – 2700-7200k
  • Direct Sunlight – 5200k
  • Flash – 5400k
  • Cloudy – 6000k
  • Shade – 8000k

Custom White Balance

If you want to go beyond these presets with some digital cameras you can set a custom white balance. In essence it’s where you tell your camera what white looks like as a reference point. There are white or gray cards available for that purpose. I had good luck also with a white sheet of paper, though a card is more accurate.

Photo Challenge Picture No.1: New Years Resolution

My challenge photo no.1 for the subject “New Years Resolution”

My new years resolutions where twofold: One of them, as probably a lot of other people’s resolution is to get healthier, exercise and loose weight. But that’s only my second or rather third resolution. My first two are to write more and to work more on my photography. Hence the notebook, pen and the camera. This camera seems ancient now. It still takes film. I don’t use it any more. And I probably will not write by hand as much as typing in the computer and blogging, but it still conveys the message. That is what counts in the end.

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One thought on “White Balance in Photography and Photo Challenge Image 1

  1. Nancy says:

    Learning to use my beautiful camera is a dream of mine … it is so much easier to use my iPhone camera. But there is something grounding about holding a camera … thank you for the reminder of the story we can tell with beautiful photos.

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